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Originally posted by Newton meter
zwaldd, your analogy is flawed. If you need an analogy, BET is more like the "Negro Leagues" before blacks were allowed to play major league baseball.
I think this is an even more flawed ananlogy. Or are blacks not allowed to be on any the of main-stream channels? Now that blacks do play MLB, I think we are seeing the best (for the most part).

It seems like most people here are focusing on sitcoms when they say that TV is geared towards a white audience. I'll agree; most are. However, aren't sitcoms a very very very small part of the programming on BET (someone correct me if I'm wrong - I don't watch it much).

Also, the analogy to Spanish, Korean, etc TV is not reall appropriate. Those channels are in other languages! A division along national/language lines is fine; one based on color seems wrong.

One thing that bothers me much more than BET is exclusive black programs - number one being Black Miss America. As someone said, anyone can watch BET, not just black people, so it's not as bad (perhaps). But exclusive programs seems unfair, since black ladies can participate in (and win) the overall Miss America pageant, but other races cannot even enter the Black Miss America pageant.