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Originally posted by DrunkenGamer

I think this is an even more flawed ananlogy. Or are blacks not allowed to be on any the of main-stream channels? Now that blacks do play MLB, I think we are seeing the best (for the most part).
Yes, they are allowed to be on main-stream channels, but only in a minority capacity. Which sucks if you want to do a show that portrays a black family, or a predominately black workplace.

UPN is an exception to most network channels. Monday nights is it's "black" prime-time. But most of its black shows are rejects from the bigger, more mainstream networks like FOX and ABC.

The average TV exec thinks Americans would much rather prefer shows about talking babies and talking hand puppets than black Americans.

It seems like most people here are focusing on sitcoms when they say that TV is geared towards a white audience. I'll agree; most are. However, aren't sitcoms a very very very small part of the programming on BET (someone correct me if I'm wrong - I don't watch it much).
You are right. BET is made up mostly of music videos that won't get airplay on MTV and VH1, comedy shows, and Gospel performances. On the weekend, it's crappy infomercials. That's why BET--IMHO--sucks.

But it's the idea that black Americans have a special space on cable television--however crappy--which makes it marketable. To me, it's no different than having a country-western channel (TNN) or a channel for gay folk.

Also, the analogy to Spanish, Korean, etc TV is not reall appropriate. Those channels are in other languages! A division along national/language lines is fine; one based on color seems wrong.
Believe me, it's not all about color. Black people and white people are not just the same people in different colors. We have different cultures, styles, and senses of humor. We have different experiences and opinions. Minorities--by definition--aren't mainstream, so their views are not generally represented in mainstream media. Why shouldn't they be able to go to a place that speaks just to them?

One thing that bothers me much more than BET is exclusive black programs - number one being Black Miss America. As someone said, anyone can watch BET, not just black people, so it's not as bad (perhaps). But exclusive programs seems unfair, since black ladies can participate in (and win) the overall Miss America pageant, but other races cannot even enter the Black Miss America pageant.
Maybe Black Miss America pageants have different criteria than the mainstream contest. Perhaps beauty as defined by mainstream is different than beauty as defined by minority groups. All sorts of ethnic groups have their own beauty pageants, even though theoretically anyone can participate in the mainstream event. Remember: black people are much more than white people with brown skin. They have a culture that is unique from mainstream culture, and expecting them to behave as if they aren't as much an ethnic group as Polish-, Chinese-, and Mexican-Americans is not fair.

(Are you sure other "races" can't enter the Black Miss America pageant? I'd be curious to know if there is a codified restriction on non-blacks from participating.)