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I was going to leave this alone, but I can't seem to help myself

Originally posted by deadbird

Considering that blacks make up about 15% of the US population, it's retarded to see blacks on almost every channel. More than 15% of channels. Because since blacks make up only 15% of the population they should only be on 15% of the channels. There are 98 chanels on my T.V. According to your logic there should be another 13 black chanels Including BET, they're on damn near every channel I watch. Because, according to your logic, you should not see black people at all. Or only 15% of the time. Or perhaps they should only be 15% black when you view them. They scream and cry when they don't get a part in a TV show or movie. ]This is true. Everytime I don't get a part in a T.V. show this is exactly what I do. So does every other black person. We need to stop acting as if we should be on T.V. and in movies like regular white folks They threaten "LAW SUIT" whenever they don't get there way.Also perfectly true. Why, the other day I was driving in my black car and a white car cut me off. I threatened to sue. Playing the racial cards is all they do.I play whatever hand is dealt me. If you act like a racist, I will pull out the damned card for all to see. Watch a white try & pull that. Get away with what? Having a WET channel? There's nothing to "get away with". It's not a crime. Why don't you start one up yourself, deadbird. I'm sure you can find many T.V. show reruns you can air and never show a single black person.
P.S. Last I check the black population of 12% and shrinking. Maybe, with any kind of luck, the black people will dissappear altogether and you'll never have to deal with uppity black people again.