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Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi View Post
Really? Cuz I read the reviews and they all seemed like conspiracy therorists.

The notion that the Russian mob could blackmail the POTUS is a pretty extraordinary claim and requires some extraordinary evidence. Certainly more than "ummm, maybe Russia will control Trump by having the Russian mafia threaten his family"

Through the Eyes of the Enemy is more than the autobiography of a highly skilled intelligence operative and defector; it is a "debriefing" on the new cold war being waged by the Russian mafia against American corporations. Lunev portrays organized crime as the only authority in modern Russia, and asserts that this element has infiltrated every level of American private and corporate life. He provides chilling details of seismic weapons, mass-scale corporate espionage, and deep-cover death squads. Through the Eyes of the Enemy could be dismissed as fantastic paranoid ravings were the source not so credible and the ramifications not so severe. --Brendan J. LaSalle

I really have no proof either way, and if I did, I probably couldn't talk about it. A wise man would assume there's truth in there, somewhere, and armor up. Trump will call it a good book and think it's a book about eye surgery.

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