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Originally Posted by Bayard View Post
This is one of the more worrisome things I've seen yet. Based on the order as excerpted in the story, I'm not clear if the "detailed list" is meant to include names and other personally identifiable information on the offenders. If so, what outcome does Trump expect? It sure sounds to me like such a list would encourage vigilantism. Trying to make members of a scapegoat group easily, publicly identifiable is .... concerning.
And, over at 4chan, people have been trying to engineer a group effort to trick undocumented immigrants into outing themselves so they could be identified and deported. Some users tried to get the hashtag #UndocumentedUnafraid to start trending so the 4chan posse could collect information on those who used it. Other users discussed the possibility of creating fake scholarship application sites aimed at undocumented immigrants.

I fear things will soon go downhill fast for anyone who even looks like they might be an undocumented immigrant.

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