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Originally Posted by GrandWino View Post
Earlier upthreads, F-P mentioned the August news reports about GP's emails regarding Russia and how the campaign pushed back on those requests. Now that we know GP was arrested in late July, I've seen the following scenario posited in a compelling way:

GP is arrested. Agrees to cooperate/wear a wire. Calls up someone up the ladder (Clovis or Sessions or Manafort perhaps) and says "I just got arrested, what do I do?" If he gets anybody on tape telling him in anyway how to coordinate a false story - they're nailed.

Now, if GP had called somebody after his arrest... it would seem to indicate that the August press stories were pushed out by those with a reason to diminish GP's role in the campaign and to show that the campaign did not go along with the Russia offers.
Trying to show who? I can't imagine any possible target thinks Mueller and his team are going to be convinced by articles in media sources. (And there's no real reason to target the public, both because they weren't aware of the story to begin with and because it would be very temporary.)

Certainly the timing of those stories right after the GP arrest seems unlikely to be coincidental, but I'm having a hard time fitting it in. Seems more likely that people were aware of the arrest, and this spurred interest in his role.
Originally Posted by Richard Parker View Post
I don't follow the news as closely as some, but I knew Papadopoulos as the Trump foreign policy advisor who listed model UN on his resume. My wife remembered him too.
That kind of proves my point. If a guy is best known for being scoffed at over using "model UN" on his resume that's not a guy with a major role. And the type of people who know that about him are the type of people who follow campaigns closely. Not "as closely as some" but there are always bigger junkies. I myself follow the news much closer than many people but (to my recollection) I never heard of the guy prior to the August coverage. And even then, when the guy's plea was publicized yesterday it took me a while before it occurred to me to check if maybe he was the same guy those earlier articles were about.
Originally Posted by Bayard View Post
Especially since there's a photo of him sitting at a table with Trump and Sessions.
Trump's campaign was very thinly staffed, and in addition, Trump has a very open-access style of management.
Originally Posted by cmyk View Post
Even if GP was relatively low-level, according to Manafort’s email, they prefered to use low-level guys to do the colluding legwork.
That's a valid point. GP being low level doesn't prove that Trump people didn't collude. But it's less incriminating than it would be if he was a senior guy. (It should be noted that meeting with Russians is not necessarily collusion, and the two can't be automatically equated.)

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