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Originally Posted by Tripler View Post
I've tried to read through your posts from the past few days, but your technobabble proves to me that while English is in fact your preferred method of communication, your primary languages are 'fanciful imagination' and 'wishful thinking.' I've asked, but you haven't provided any iota of evidence of any professional certifications or academic training that makes you even remotely qualified in the comments you have on the topics and hand; and frankly, you're still playing with smoke and mirrors to find a technology that will either A) support a flimsy argument, or B) you can rest your laurels on to "prove" that you're right. Remember that whole "Atomic Act of 1946" thing you tried to pass off as fact? C'mon man, there are people here that know what they're talking about, and you can't baffle us with bullshit (not all of us).
I quoted an article stating I was right about the Atomic Energy Act. It clearly stated and supported the conclusion I reached. Turns out, the Washington post was not a correct primary source, my bad. I acknowledged I shouldn't have trusted them without doing further thread. I quoted the article. You called me a lier and said that even though the post where i mentioned their conclusion but linked something else, I must have just been lying. Without producing my browser history in a way that can't be faked, guess I can't disprove your "lying" hypothesis...though it is also poorly supported by evidence.

Do you have any other support for your "technobabble" hypothesis? Or is the only topic you feel qualified to comment on? You know there was a long thread about using nukes to redirect asteroids, and I did some solid work there. Must be something you can nitpick. All you did was jump in and claim long distance tightbeam nuclear shaped charges won't work...which isn't something that I claimed.

TLDR, no bullshitter, you're the bullshitter. What you just posted is steaming bullshit, and an impartial intelligent observer would acknowledge that.

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