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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
I did use tenet correctly. I just mispelt it in a way that the spell check didn't warn me about. And you're accusing me of asperger's when you're trying to use a single mistyped character is "evidence" in your argument that you know things I don't, and I should have some humility.

You just pitted yourself. If you were smart, you'd actually compare hypotheses instead of jumping to conclusions.

1. Hypothesis 1 : SamuelA doesn't know the word tenet, despite using the word "tenant" in exactly the same context the word "tenet" would be used. Therefore I can use this evidence as proof that for topics I know nothing about, SamuelA is wrong.

2. Hypothesis 2 : SamuelA mistyped tenet as "tenant" because he's a human being and has flaws like any human being.

If you were intelligent, you'd be able to pick which of these hypotheses has better empirical support.
I don't think you have Asperger's, Sam.

I think you're just a common, everyday, arrogant, know-nothing, argumentative asshole who found himself a forum with a captive audience.
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