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Originally Posted by John Mace View Post
Did you ever wonder if, like, when you're dreaming, that's the real world and when you think you're awake, you're really dreaming? That kinda blows my mind, man. It, like, totally screws with reality!!
That's cruel on several levels. First it will send Machinaforce into fits of conniption-like existential angst, and then later, when he's calmed down a bit, it will very likely cause him to plague the board with yet another thread, asking that very question because he must have the answer in order to assuage the existential Weltschmerz that you, John Mace, have inflamed in this blameless young philosopher. I mean, what's the good of that? Which, come to think of it, is itself a terrific question that Machinaforce could pose via another new thread. What's the good* of anything, really?

*And what is "good"?