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Originally Posted by Jasmine View Post
A popular estimate among scientists is that 99% of all life that has ever been on earth has gone extinct.

It follows then that 99% of all the previous human and human-like creatures that ever lived have also disappeared. That implies that there could easily be evidence of several large and impressive civilizations yet to be discovered and may, in fact, never be discovered.

Several years back, there was a series on the History Channel called, "Life After People". It was postulated that, as large and advanced as our civilization may be, there would be no visual evidence left of it after only 1,000 years. Sure, it probably wouldn't take much digging to find a lot of evidence, but what about after a million years or ten million years?
The fact that this hurts my brain makes us different from pre-Homo species.

IANAA but I am a member of the Archaeological Institute of America so I get to go regularly to lectures by top archaeologists. They are very open that the bits and pieces we've dug up from sites seldom add up to complete narratives. As a field, archaeology has become far more cautious in trying to tell stories that purport to explain ancient societies. In particular, some are getting away from trying to explain everything via religion. See our own Lynne Kelly's The Memory Code for an alternative origin for megaliths. Everything underground is now up in the air. It's a fun new era.