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Originally Posted by GreenWyvern View Post
A new concept has already been developed and is now widely accepted among scientists and professionals. It simply hasn't filtered through to the general public yet.

See the article I posted above.

(Skip to Part 4 of the article if you're not interested in how this relates to theories of inequality and ideas of primitive 'innocence' presented in some pop-sci bestsellers.)
You can even see traces of this locally - Kasteelberg on the Cape West Coast has clear evidence of seasonal gatherings to feast (of seals, in this case) with continuity of locale from at least semi-sedentary HGs (as evidenced by potsherds) through to early sheep herders.

The theory there is also that the feasts themselves served as loci of attraction for population densification, and the cultural developments were a resultant. So, in a site like Göbekli Tepe, the implication is that the people were all there anyway primarily for the feasting (rather than the feasting being a byproduct of having to feed labourers who were initially there for religious reasons). Then they go bored...

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