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Originally Posted by Darren Garrison View Post
And it wasn't just a one-off--similar things were being made across Europe and Asia over a period of 25,000 years or more.

Of course, depictions of naked chicks aren't that suprising. What I find more weird is the theme of pooping animal atlatlii. (That is a great blog, BTW--well worth browsing.)
As I said, the thing that surprises me is that contrary to our notion of hunter-gatherers living a nomadic subsistence existence, the Venus of Willendorf (like many similar) is a relatively accurate depiction of extreme obesity; the fat rolls are very accurately depicted, suggesting the artist had at least one model to work from life - and that implies the tribe likely did not habitually migrate decent distances - I can't imagine someone looking like that and still walking several miles a day or more and doing heavy physical labour involved in food preparation from scratch. We can speculate the "how" or "why" of her appearance, but it is an interesting indication.