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Originally Posted by Pleonast View Post
In my layman's view, a city is simply a small area where lots of people are living.
No, a city is a large settlement where lots of people live. Size is the defining feature of a city - what contrasts the city with the town or hamlet. Even a layman should know this - even if English were not their first language - this isn't some special archaeological term. To an archaeologist, though, other characteristics can include: permanence, urban planning, sanitation, trade, social stratification, non-agricultural specialization, provision of centralized commercial, religious and political functions for a larger hinterland, etc. The list isn't exhaustive, nor is it prescriptive.

Göbekli Tepe would seem to qualify, but I guess not. Please fight ignorance here.
For one thing, there's absolutely no sign anyone permanently lived at Göbekli Tepe - no hearths, no houses, no burials. It's not a settlement.

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