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Originally Posted by MrDibble View Post
For one thing, there's absolutely no sign anyone permanently lived at Göbekli Tepe - no hearths, no houses, no burials. It's not a settlement.
Really? with only 5% of the area excavated, you can make this determination? Wow, why should they even bother to do any more digging? It's true, as of this point, there's none of the classic signs of full time settlement, as per Schmidt "Schmidt’s team, however, found none of the telltale signs of a settlement: no cooking hearths, houses or trash pits, and none of the clay fertility figurines that litter nearby sites of about the same age.
Read more:

But you already dismissed this man and Professor Hodders as "Ignorant assumption... invalid assumption...archaeological ignoramus...utter ignorance of other complex HG cultures" so why rely upon other conclusions they made?

Sure, from the evidence so far, it doesn't appear to be a 'city", the people apparently lived nearby in villages and also came for long distance to perhaps worship. But with only 5% excavated it is perhaps too early to make sweeping conclusions that no one lived there.

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