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Originally Posted by dtilque View Post
Yes, but the distinction is that the cult dies with the founder, or at most with his immediate successor, if that person is also charismatic. I'm wondering if these monuments could have been built during one person's life and then abandoned.
No. From the NatGeo article I linked earlier:

Originally Posted by The NatGeo article I linked earlier
For reasons yet unknown, the rings at Göbekli Tepe seem to have regularly lost their power, or at least their charm. Every few decades people buried the pillars and put up new stones—a second, smaller ring, inside the first. Sometimes, later, they installed a third. Then the whole assemblage would be filled in with debris, and an entirely new circle created nearby. The site may have been built, filled in, and built again for centuries.

Bewilderingly, the people at Göbekli Tepe got steadily worse at temple building. The earliest rings are the biggest and most sophisticated, technically and artistically. As time went by, the pillars became smaller, simpler, and were mounted with less and less care. Finally the effort seems to have petered out altogether by 8200 B.C.
This also destroys the argument that it was a city because it is big. It is like finding a landfill and thinking "Boy, that must have been a big party!".