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Originally Posted by MrDibble View Post
To summarize: I've made 2 specific claims:
1. There have existed hunter gatherer cultures that were complex, sedentary and hierarchical and were capable of monumental construction.
2. By their own statements, Schmidt and Hodder apparently were ignorant of the existence of these cultures.

Are either of those statements false? If so, show me how they're false.

No, you made several more claims.

You claimed that the recognized experts in the field were "ignorant assumption... invalid assumption...archaeological ignoramus...utter ignorance of other complex HG cultures"

That is the claim I am refuting. Like you I am a layman in the field. So, I am not attempting to refute your little 'claims" about what you, as a layman , have as an opinion - because honestly your opinion on this means absolutely nothing and isn't worth discussing.

I won't discuss the opinion of a evolution denier who claims Darwin was "ignorant" either.

What I am discussing is the cites I provided from experts , i.e. what we here in GG like to call "facts". The facts that you as a admitted layman are dismissing as "ignorant".

Please email Doctor Hodder and tell him you find his statements "ignorant". Let us know his reply please.