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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
No, actually they didn't.
Except, of course, you have yet to show how either of my two points are wrong...
And yes, there is a degree of opinion there, but it's the learned expert opinion of a degreed professional, with 15 years there, vs some guy on the internet.
Nevertheless, facts are facts.

This "guy on the internet" has a fact : there have been hunter-gatherers who lived in sedentary societies more complex than simple roving bands, whose existence and form of society have been known by archaeologists and anthropologists for far longer than GT has been excavated.

Your "degreed professional" (and Schmidt) exhibited no knowledge of this form of HG, and according to your own cites have formed opinions based on that ignorance.

Prove either of those wrong, and you can say "no, they didn't". Just repeating "layman. layman" isn't proving anything.