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Originally Posted by Xema View Post
We have reliable evidence that this is silly. Of many possible examples, one is this modest bridge in France - around 1900 years old.
I saw a number of those "life after man" programs. It is amazing how quickly things disappear.

What remains? Most structures disappear and only foundations are left, which get buried fairly quickly - within a few decades. Of the very old structures that we have, among the oldest are the Egyptian pyramids. which have huge blocks of stone with no mortar. By contrast, most things that were held together with mortar fall apart eventually.

Modern structures should provide much more for future archeologists, mainly due to our lavish use of concrete. Reinforced concrete won't last as long, since the rebar rusts and expands, but plain concrete is damn near indestructible unless attacked chemically over a long time. Things like bunkers could last almost for ever. Things like stone bridges will outlast most of the modern ones, since steel fails sooner or later. The program suggested that most steel structures would collapse within 500 years.

So yes, after 1000 years of no man the evidence for our existence would probably just be a lot of strange humps in the landscape