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Originally Posted by JKellyMap View Post
Being against a moronic wall is not the same as being “pro illegal immigration,” and you know it.
Of course he and other conservatives know it; they just don't want to engage in an honest debate. Being binary relieves them of that intellectual burden.

What we're seeing is that there will never be anything progressives or even centrists can do to please the MAGAbots because they believe it's their country. That's what white christian nationalism is, an ideology that involves defining what America is, who rightfully owns it, and who rightfully sits at the apex of power -- and who doesn't. And I've got news for anyone who's not part of Trumpland: in their eyes, you're not a real America. There is nothing to negotiate with you. There is nothing to talk about. And they're tear down the all of the institutions they hate (but that the rest of us actually use and benefit from) just to demonstrate that point.

You cannot fucking compromise with these people, so let's stop compromising. And Mitch McConnell has shown, we cannot govern with these people, so let's stop trying that futile shit as well. All we have left is our raw power of the people. All we have left is the power to resist, and the power to make it known we're not taking this shit.