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Originally Posted by madmonk28 View Post
The Atlantic has an excellent case for impeaching Trump that went up today. It also is a pretty solid indictment of Pelosi and the old guard. HTTPS://WWW.THEATLANTIC.COM/MAGAZINE...-TRUMP/580468/
They got that "motherfucker" from AOC in there too. Oh poor fucking snowflakes.

I thought they were the tough guys, the "Fuck you and fuck your feelings" guys, the
"Tell it like it is plain talk no more PC" guys. The (Trump) "grab 'em by the pussy" guys, the (Dick Cheney on the Senate floor "Go fuck yourself" guys, the "bodyslam reporters" guys, the (Trump) "beat the shit out of them" guys.

Well fuck ALL of y'all. Pearl clutching pansy ass bitches.