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Trump's only option is to declare a national emergency. I could be wrong, but I don't think he has the stomach for another prolonged shutdown, and I'm not sure Republicans wouldn't just let a bill come to the floor and notify him in advance that it'll be veto-proof.

But using nearly a million employees incomes as leverage is pretty goddamn dumb, and it didn't work. This country was getting to the point where the nation's aviation system - the busiest in the world - was about to shut down. This was going to look awful to everyone, and he would have been resoundingly condemned for it, even hypocritically by people in his own party who've been cheering him on. On the other hand, now he's being taken to the outhouse by right wing critics who refuse to reckon with reality.

His base loves it because, the idea that Trump's base consists of white working class folk is fake news. Trump's base is not highly educated, but they're typically white, wealthy, or rural, or a combination of those. They think of federal workers as glorified welfare recipients -- that is until they want their tax refund, their small business loan, or their agriculture subsidies.

You wanna know why Trump still has 30-35% of the country left? Because the economy's not that bad, and unfortunately, there are just that many shitty, white, bigoted sociopaths who live among us, who think the country is theirs and theirs alone, and who don't want to share the fruits of American productivity with the rest of us.

The sad part is that Trump needs his base, 'cause he's going to be impeached and thrown in jail otherwise. He needs the crazies, and the crazies know it, which is why they are hammering him with criticism, even though the crazies on some level know that what they're doing is destructive to the country as a whole. Again, they don't care. They never cared. They care about themselves, their clan, their fears, their greed. Trump's "base" is more than just deplorable; they're the personification of shit.