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I don't have food allergies, but my mother is allergic to the entire world. Tomatoes being a big one. Still amazes me how many times you tell a restaurant to make a dish without the tomatoes and out it comes, with tomatoes. Yeah, please don't kill my mother just because you're an idiot.

Same basic vein, there are a number of foods I just don't plain like. Eggplant and Rhubarb being two of them. I'm also Soy sensitive and can't eat very much of it before I get quite irritable. Don't fucking get insulted because you invited me over and made Eggplant-Rhubarb Tofu and I tell you that I can't and won't eat it. No, I'm not going to try just a little bit of it. I've been to a handful of dinners that were made very uncomfortable by the constant pressure to eat things I had repeatedly told them I don't like and won't eat.