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Originally Posted by Atamasama View Post
I have an intolerance for onions. I donít know if I have an allergy, Iíve never been to a doctor about it, all I know is that if I eat them (raw or cooked) I regret it the next day. (Which sucks because I love fried onions and will eat them anyway every now and then, and I do pay for it.)

If someone pesters me about it and asks for details I warn them that itís not pleasant, but if they insist I happily describe the pain and stench in detail so that maybe next time they freaking mind their own damn business.
Yeah, you know, it doesn't matter if it's an actual allergy or an intolerance or smelly farts the next day or whatever - if something causes you a problem every time you eat it then it's your right not to have to eat it.

I don't know why this is rocket science for so many people.