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Originally Posted by Broomstick View Post
Yep. Tomatoes are one of my worst allergies. And they're in every damn thing it seems like.
Can you eat potatoes? I have a friend who is deathly allergic to all the nightshades -- tomato, potato, eggplant. I do sometimes cook for him. Well, I cook for a group that he's a part of. I'm careful to tell him the ingredients, and he can usually partake.

But he tells me that "gluten free" means "deadly food", because usually the gluten is at least partially replaced with potato flour.

I confess that I pride myself in being able to cook for friends with a variety of dietary restrictions. But I cook very carefully. I bought the brand of tomato sauce with no added sugar for the diabetic, and made the frosting with no corn syrup for the woman who is sensitive to corn. And I told the vegan that I'd had to sift beetles out of my flour, and she chose not to eat the resulting food.