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Originally Posted by puzzlegal View Post
Yeah, that's a pretty weird list of allergies. And it's a lot of my staples, too.

My SIL is sensitive to a weird list of foods, but yours is weirder.
That's not even complete. And it does confuse people.

For example, Southlake Methodist hospital in Merrillville, Indiana has me listed as allergic to "citrus". No, I am not allergic to "citrus", I am allergic to oranges. I'm just fine with grapefruit, lemons, limes, kumquats, etc. But apparently when I listed "oranges" with my allergies someone took that to mean "citrus" and not that is in my medical record and attempts to change it have been futile.

Or, when I say I'm allergic to lentils, peanuts, and peas someone says "Oh, so you can't eat legumes". No, I can eat many legumes and soy and garbanzo beans are a staple of my diet.

No barley allowed but wheat, rice, rye, etc. are all OK.

Really, if I was making this up I think I'd have some logical rationale for all this but I didn't and I don't. I'm just glad not all of these are "sudden death". Oranges give me hives but not breathing troubles. At least not so far, but I'm avoiding them just to be on the safe side. And I think my problems with corn may be more of an intolerance rather than an actual allergy but diarrhea is no fun so I avoid that, too. Peanuts, again, don't cause breathing problems or even hives, but the all-over body rash that starts up within 24 hours is more than a little worrisome (and then there's the diarrhea...) Looking back I realize that my Epic Skin Issues which became rather infamous around here ceased after I stopped eating anything with peanuts. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. I've been itching a lot less since going peanut-free, too. Damn, I miss my Reese's peanut butter cups but for an intact hide I'm glad to give them up.

There probably are one or two items on The List that may be false alarms (kiwi, for example - I'm not 100% sure it's an allergy problem but why take chances when there are so many other fruits I can eat without worry?) but given two emergency trips to the ER, eczema problems since infancy, asthma, hayfever and so on it's very clear that I'm highly prone to allergies even if most days I have them under control.

Maybe if I win the lottery I'll be able to afford to see an allergist again and really get everything evaluated officially. Might be one or two things I can go back to eating safely but given my distaste for trips to the hospital at this point I just don't want to chance it. My current medical insurance is really designed to discourage going to an allergist, unfortunately, even if they will pay for a hospitalization for a severe reaction. I don't understand the thinking there, but I'm guessing it was made up by someone with no fucking clue about what allergies are, maybe even someone old school enough to believe they're 99% mental problems (although the coverage for mental health sucks, too).

What I have also found is that a lot of medical personnel don't understand allergies, either. I had a doctor once look at The List (yes, I actually do keep a copy of my allergies - it's a lot quicker to hand over a piece of paper with the information than try to speak it and watch the doc struggle to write it all down, or these days type it) and give me a disdainful, patronizing look and say "You know, multiple adult food allergies are very rare." to which I said "Well, doc, looks like I won the lottery for that!" Yes, it is statistically rare. But legitimately allergic to multiple foods adults do exist and I happen to be one of them. And I'm not even a worst-case.

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