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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
Did you suggest that donation alternative to her when she told you she was going to make you food? That was not mentioned in the op.
Well, how long of a post do you want me to generate?

Yes, I suggested it.

Originally Posted by puzzlegal View Post
What the hell? This neighbor tries to give you unwanted food multiple times a day, for weeks? What's wrong with her?

I don't mean that rhetorically. She has some problem. Is she incredibly lonely? Does she have no memory? Is her only sense of self worth from feeding people?
She is a widow, her kids live several states away, and about four months ago the house she was living in burned to the ground and she lost nearly everything. Which is how she wound up where she currently is. Even though she was physically unhurt I suspect that mentally she is not doing as well as she tries to make people think she is, which would account for some of the behavior as well as some of her bouts of drinking.

Haven't seen much of her lately - she does have a long-term boyfriend so maybe they're spending a lot of time together.