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Originally Posted by RTFirefly View Post
... Seriously, WTF was Dr. Seuss thinking? The real moral of this story is that it's OK to refuse to take 'No' for an answer, no matter how frequently, and how politely but firmly, the 'No' is given. ...
Are you whooshing or serious here?

You do realize that Green Eggs and Ham was a children's book, usually read together with the parent. Most of us who have dealt with kids, even if we have not been parents, are very familiar with preschoolers and early school aged kids going through phases of refusing to even try anything other than a very limited variety of foods, and parents being driven crazy by the kid's refusal to even give it a taste to see if they'd like it. Biggest group to be refused of course is anything that is green (which in the real world generally means it's a vegetable).

Have you really never got that it was these inane battles over trying to get their children to at least taste a vegetable that was being played with, both making gentle fun of the parents' persistence and encouraging the kid to give a chance and maybe just maybe they might like it after all even though it is green and/or looks funny?

I really don't think #metoo (or food allergy awareness) is well served by hitting on Green Eggs and Ham!

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