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Originally Posted by Lord Feldon View Post
Another regulation that's correct according to itself.
But the point is that it's not the address per se. It's the validity of the document, which is affected by the information contained on it. I'm not trying to argue that the regulation is morally or even logically correct. I'm trying to counter one argument here:

The federal government needs your verified residency address on state IDs or they won't accept it because they want/need your address data for.... reasons. Oh, and big brother!

Just use a federally issued ID, like a passport card, and you'll be fine. I guess. The state is still going to collect and verify your address if you want a driver's license. So this whole notion that, "I'm going to fly with my passport instead of my driver's license!! bwa ha ha. That will show The Man." I just don't get that sentiment. You're still going to have to provide your information to the state database that is shared federally.