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Originally Posted by UltraVires View Post
Obviously I'm not a car guy, but to me and probably to most people, if you took the labels off of a Mercedes and put Ford Tempo emblems on it, I doubt that 98% of people would notice the difference.

Other than the status, what objective features make the car so desirable?
MB are wonderful automobiles for many reasons that are obviously not important to you. We have two. Both are a joy to drive. More so, IME, than some other great cars I've owned or driven. But then I care about such things.

Originally Posted by rbroome View Post
One thing that I notice about mercedes is that independent mechanics, that is anyone outside a Mercedes dealer, won't work on them. They require too many specialized tools.

Outside that, they seem like great cars. Not worth it to me, but obviously worth it to lots of people.
Several independent MB shops in my area. I have mine serviced either at the dealer or at the MB independent specialist, depending on my mood, job and/or quoted price. I like the dealership because I get a free MB loaner. I like the independent because they'll put on upgraded aftermarket bushings and modify my exhaust to remove the resonators.
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