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Originally Posted by Gatopescado View Post
My house is falling down around me. I just don't care anymore.
You and everyone I've tried to buy a house from lately. The first one had 5 layers of roof that rippled like the ocean and an active leak on to the wooden structural supports for house that they didn't repair for at least two weeks that I know of. The latest one has had their roof fail with active water dripping into the house and the thermal camera shows a 2' diameter puddle in the ceiling which of course they won't repair so its going to sit and get worse until we can buy it from them in 2 weeks.

After renting for 4 years I'm looking forward to working on this house slowly for the next decade to repair his neglect. At least unlike the first guy he's priced his house like it hasn't been touched since he inherited it 30 years ago.