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Things your friends do that are weird (to you), but you don't say anything to them about it.

Today while I was organizing my "plastic bag" drawer, my mind flashed on a memory of something that happened awhile ago.

A friend invited me to hang out with her. She's a coworker friend and we'd never hung out before, so I said OK.

She offered me some food--some macaroni and cheese that her husband had made the night before. Of course I accepted. She opened the refrigerator and pulled out a casserole dish. Instead of being wrapped in aluminum foil or saran wrap (or one of those tupperware covers), guess what it was covered in? A plastic grocery bag. The grocery bag had somehow been so snugly enveloped around the dish that every square centimeter of the plastic was in contact with the food. I had to turn away because I didn't trust my face not to reveal the disgust I felt in that moment. I didn't want to ruin the friendship we were solidifying by suddenly being rude and anal-retentive.

But I wanted so badly to say, "WTF!" Doesn't everyone know those things aren't food safe? I mean, I'm not gonna act like saran wrap is sterile, but surely it's cleaner than the bag that all your groceries have been jostling around in, right? Why would anyone use a grocery bag when there are so many better alternatives? I could understand if my friend was impoverished, but she's comfortably upper middle class. She can afford a 99 cent box of foil!

The mac and cheese was delicious and amazingly I didn't die from the grocery bag cooties. But I swear, every time I see a grocery bag I have a mini flashback to that macaroni and cheese.

What weird habits (to you) do your friends have? And have you ever pointed those habits out to them?