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Originally Posted by Tamerlane View Post
...that's the truth about homes - like people they just keep deteriorating as they get older . Unlike people you can pretty much keep them going in perpetuity if you stay on top of the decay, but yeah it is a never-ending story.
This. And I wish more people understood the rigors of home ownership. I have a good female friend, age 65, who has never been a DIY person. Never. Her financial picture is fair, but not spectacular. Six months ago, living in the Los Angeles area, she decided to become a homeowner and purchased a place in a small Oregon coastal town. I visited a month ago. I thought the place in pretty good condition, but for three days all I heard was how much something cost, how poorly something was done by contractors, and how would she ever be able take care of the place? Poor me!

Some people should not be homeowners.