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Originally Posted by TRC4941 View Post
My mom:
Drinking glasses are put right side up in the cupboard. I always put mine upside down so dust, etc don't fall inside. Although, I can't imagine there is a lot of dust falling in the glasses. It's just something I've always done.
Oh, that''s a good one. I belong the Church of Right Side Up Glasses. While I understand the idea of keeping dust out by storing them upside down, my reasoning is: a glass is typically in the cupboard for a few days before I used it. It won't get much dust in that time. On the other hand, the cupboard shelf itself sits there collecting dust all the time, and I actually remove all the glasses and clean the shelves maybe once a year. So putting the glass upside down on the shelf causes a bunch of dust to adhere to the rim, and is thus worse if you're worried about drinking dust (which I'm not really, but I'd just as soon not).