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Originally Posted by pulykamell View Post
Granted, my experiences with Mercedes are mostly limited to G-Wagens and I actually owned a 1981 W123 at one point and all I thought was, well, these are nice German cars, but they didn't seem like anything particularly special to me. I remember about 15 years ago, when I was in the market for a used car, the salesman really trying to sell some Mercedes Kompressor (don't remember exactly which model) to me. I test drove it. It was okay. But then he showed me a Mazda 3, and I fell in love with that car (and that's what I drive to this day--bought one from that dealer, but another one a few years ago to replace it, too).
The G-class is a weird one because it's built utilitarian and then given a facelift before selling to consumers. It's a veneer of luxury, and a good match for the, in my experience, lawyers and slumlords who drive them.

My dad drove a late 80s S-class for years, and that car was lovely. The interior felt incredibly solid and sturdy, with excellent textures of real wood and real leather everywhere. Even the plastics had an interesting matte surface texture that really set it apart. At the time, it was leaps and bounds above any other car I rode in in terms of "luxuriousness."

But other cars have gotten a lot better and I'm under the impression that Mercedes has gotten less distinctive. I've been told that recent BMWs have a bit more of the feel of an older Mercedes, but they don't really strike me that way.