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Originally Posted by typoink View Post
The G-class is a weird one because it's built utilitarian and then given a facelift before selling to consumers. It's a veneer of luxury, and a good match for the, in my experience, lawyers and slumlords who drive them.
Oh, yeah. The kind of G-Wagens I've ridden in (okay, it was only two of them) were nothing to do with luxury. They looked like military vehicles (so much so, that we actually were waved on at the border in either Romania or Bulgaria with the border agents thinking we were KFOR [Kosovo Force]). Not a single creature comfort in those particular ones, but it looked like it was built to survive combat, so I'll give it that.) Actually, here's a picture of one of them that my friend owned and we had many an adventure in. Between that and owning an old 1979 Mercedes 240D W123 (which I'm sure was probably quite nice at the time), I guess that's why I don't necessarily consider think they're only luxury cars.