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Originally Posted by Steve McQwark View Post
My wife used to be an attorney and I seem to recall her talking about something called a Chinese wall. As I understood it, the idea was that a firm could represent parties with potential conflicts of interest as long as the attorneys involved did not exchange any information. Not both sides in the same case, obviously, but if say A was suing B and the firm was representing A, they could also represent B in some completely unrelated case as long as the attorneys did not exchange any information. This doesn't work for individual attorneys of course, but a large firm should be able to do it.
I think they call it a "firewall" these days. Same principle, just less "racial".

When I worked at a consulting firm years ago that specialized in "litigation consulting" and later in the Big-4, we had to follow a similar procedure for "conflict checks". It's even more complex in the Big-4 as there is the additional rules around being an auditor. The point being that as we were typically hired by law firms, we don't want to be seen as being hired by law firms on both sides of the same case.