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Originally Posted by you with the face View Post
The purpose of debate is to persuade others to your view. If you're religious and you're trying to persuade non-believers, then it's unlikely they are going to be impressed by arguments that appeal to your religion. Imagine a debate that looks like this:

"We should ban pork."

"No, we shouldn't. Pork is a great source of protein and it tastes great. The benefits greatly outweigh the risks."

"Pork is unclean and is not fit to be eaten."

"According to whom? I eat it all the time and nothing bad has happened."

"Ah, that you know of. Your soul is violated every time you eat that wicked flesh of the devil."

"Dude, what are you talking--"

"The Koran says..."

Not very compelling is it? I'm trying to imagine an example of how a religious-based argument would ever be persuasive to someone who is not a follower, and I'm drawing a blank.
Then does religion have a place in public political debate among followers of the same religion?