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Originally Posted by digs View Post
I feel for ya. I have a couple of talky coworkers, chief among them is the Pop Into My Office one.

No matter how quietly I approach, the second I silently sit down, she's IN my office. Not at the door, inside, inches from my elbow. And blathering non-stop. How her weekend was (even if it's Wednesday by now), and how was my weekend? It was such perrrrfect weather..."Fine. I'm really busy, sorry." So what did you do? On the weekend? Did you leave town, like my husband and I did and we found the cutest apple orchard... All drivel delivered to my ear, because for the last year I haven't made eye contact.

And in that last year, I have entered my office FIVE times during normal hours. I'll hit my office after six, when she's gone. During the day I've been keeping everything I need in my bike bag and logging onto a computer in random classrooms to get stuff done. So how come you never swing by these days? We never chit-chat!

Swing by? I honestly think she looks at it as my coming to visit, so we can "chit-chat". And she's fragile, if I tried to talk to her about any of this, she would Never. Stop. Crying.

I swear, it's not quite a reason I'm retiring, but it's on the list of "Shit I Won't Miss".
My "Linda" doesn't bother coming to me to chat; she learned long ago that I have ZERO interest in how she and her mom spent the night at the casino, played the penny slots, hit the buffet, went into the hot tub, then fell asleep watching 90-Day Fiance in the room.

But I still get to hear her tell everyone else - one by one - about it.

I know exactly what you mean about retirement. These scenes always pop into my head whenever I daydream about The Day.