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Originally Posted by sta3535 View Post
I feel like fathers & daughters have a more "protective" relationship. I hear that some guys/girls have to ask "permission" whenever they're interested in a girl/guy. I rarely seen this the other way around, like when a guy has to ask his mother, even though it probably does occur if your family is strict about dating.
"More controlling" does not equal "stronger". In fact, one problem with controlling parents is that they often find themselves having a "wet soap" effect, where the tighter they want to control their child, the more likely the child is to just jump away.

And I'll see Aspidistra's Jewish mothers and raise you Italian mammas, Spanish madres pulpo (octopus mothers)... The figure of the overly-controlling parent of either gender exists in every culture: some get a shorthand for it, some do not, and whether it's considered more acceptable from one gender or the other varies by culture, but in general, well, we have that "overly" there precisely because it's not considered either normal or acceptable in most of the Western world's cultures.
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