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Thankfully, in general, attitudes and levels of acceptance has changed, but growing up in the 60's, my sisters boyfriends had to be Naichi (mainland Japanese), since they would take their husband's surname and their children would then be 3/4 Naichi (I'm Okinawan/Japanese,, a big no-no in the 40's when my parents married). I don't know the full story, but one of my cousins, who's full Okinawan never married because her parents (primarily my uncle on my Dad's side) forbade her marriage to a Naichi boy.

There was less pressure on the boys since we would retain the family name and I was much younger than my siblings when my parents would approve or disapprove of the girls choices. Even though I was in my early 20's when I fell in love for the first time, I wondered if my Dad would approve of my local Chinese girlfriend. Nothing was ever said and we lived together for 10 years with my parents and my Dad treated her like his own daughter. And my brother's wife is Okinawan/Hawaiian.

Edit: I know some Asian and Polynesian women who were either born here to 1st generation immigrants or immigrated here (to Hawaii) at a young age who have it ingrained into their mind that they must marry someone of their own ethnicity, preferably an immigrant from their parents home country.

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