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Originally Posted by JohnT View Post
This attitude is big in Hispanic culture, where my daughter had a group of friends who weren't allowed sleepovers at 12, but their brothers were allowed to at 8.
Ehm... that may vary a lot by things such as where the sleepover takes place, who else is in the house and the individual child. My BFF and I slept over at each other's house (and me at her grandparents') quite frequently until age 14, when she got a boyfriend and suddenly all her female friends became supporting cast; her brothers didn't have any friends sleeping over until those friends were singular and of the opposite sex. 1.SiL's first lunch with a family she wasn't related to by blood was the first time she had lunch with my family; her brother's, the first time he had lunch with his first fiancée's family; their father was a controlling jerk but no-one can accuse him of not being an equal-opportuniyy controlling jerk, he wanted to control everybody period. All families involved are from the same cultural background.
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