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Originally Posted by md2000 View Post
the Nazis - if you declined to join the party, you were suspect.
No one was forced to join the NSDAP, and best I know no one was asked, either. It was a privilege, which brought many benefits. A privilege which you had to ask for.
The notion that he had to join is incorrect. He chose to.
And of course he had reasons to condone, benefit from and increase terrible slave-labor projects. Because most everything is done for a reason. Certain things are nearly impossible to justify - the german slave-labor camp system certainly is. Wanting to make rockets fly doesn’t come anywhere near justifying it.

Jeffrey Dahmer killed people and cut them up. His reason was that he felt like it.

Anyway, the notion that von Braun (and a lot of others) did certain things because they had to, had no choice, would’ve endangered themselves if they hadn’t - is incorrect. And we need to keep saying this, explaining this. Because if those notions become too accepted, it just gets that much easier for repeats to happen.