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Originally Posted by Acsenray View Post
The tradition of a young man asking for a father's permission to court his daughter is directly related to the patriarchy and the idea that a man has ownership of the sexuality of the women in his family. It's not related to any kind of "stronger bond" between fathers and daughters.
Absolute truth there. Same with asking permission (or blessing) from bride's father in marriage and with fathers literally giving away daughters in marriage. Which, of course, not everyone does.

The idea that fathers have more ownership over their daughters and over who their daughters date or have sex with that they do over their sons and who their sons date and have sex with is extremely sexist and is disgusting from my point of view.

And I keep seeing "dads know teenage boys are horny and that's why they act that way about daughters dating" - which completely disregards the girl's own agency in choosing who she has sex with or the possibility of her being horny. I bet most such dads don't give nearly so much worry to their son dating a horny girl who wants to have sex. Teen daughter having consensual sex with peer - "oh hell no". Teen son having consensual sex with peer - "atta boy."