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Originally Posted by Acsenray View Post
The tradition of a young man asking for a father's permission to court his daughter is directly related to the patriarchy and the idea that a man has ownership of the sexuality of the women in his family. It's not related to any kind of "stronger bond" between fathers and daughters.
I don't see it this way as much as the (somewhat historic, but not entirely) view that men tend to be more physically and emotionally dominant in a relationship. Couple this with the fact that many fathers see it is their job to protect their family.

If a man has a son, then he has less to worry about from a dating relationship. The girlfriend is less likely to rape him, beat him up, treat him badly, etc. The father assumes the boy can "be a man" and handle the relationship as needed.

However, if he has a daughter, he sees the suitor as someone who can easily become more physically and emotionally dominant over his daughter. He is going to pour much more scrutiny on the daughter's boyfriend/husband.

Of course, we are only talking about traditional hetero relationships here.