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Originally Posted by ElvisL1ves View Post
No, not exactly. The question is "How do you know what you would have done?"
That wasnít the question. The question was: was he an ss major. He was. The op further talks about being possibly a war criminal. He certainly was.

Now, to answer your newly-introduced, goal-post-moving question: I cannot possibly know what I would have done, because no one can know what they would do in a counter-factual situation. Woops! Got me! Except of course not.

Again: He didnít have to join the SS. Either of both times. Not joining would not have exposed him to mortal danger. It could have impacted his career negatively if he hadnít, but not his safety.
Same for joining the NSDAP. No danger in not joining, other than to career.
Using slave labor is bad enough. Using it while being aware of the murderous conditions under which it occurs makes him doubly the war-criminal. But what must certainly carry it beyond any conceivable line is him asking for more of it.

The idea that the goal, of making rockets fly, partly or wholly justified any of this is repugnant. The notion that anyone would do this to further a career is gobsmackingly vile.