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I hate assigned theater seating with the hatred of a thousand suns. I prefer to be able to sit centered in a row and at a level in the theater I prefer. The seat selection screens are never accurate about how the seats are positioned relative to the screen. Oh, sure, they're sort of accurate, relative to the other seats and such, but it's always an annoying guessing game.

Back when seating selection didn't suck, you would just go a little earlier, get your seat, and then kick back in it and relax and enjoy the downtime for a while. Nowadays you can pull in forty minutes early and find that somebody else has prebought all the (possibly) decent seats anyway, presumably from home. Why don't I do the same, since seat position is the same sort of lottery whether you're picking online or on the little screens at the box office? Because if you want to prebuy your tickets online they cost more! The screw you coming, they screw you going, and the only infintessimal benefit is that you don't have to leave somebody to guard your seats when you go to the bathroom.

I swear, once my dad dies and stops wanting to go to the theater with me, I'm never going to the theater again.