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And a car using a gaseous fuel needs a high-pressure tank, because the volume of the tank needs to fit into the car. But a power plant built where land is cheap (which is where most of them are) could just use a really big tank, at more manageable pressures. Nor need the energy used to pressurize the gas be entirely wasted: ....
1. Nuclear Energy is not Carbon free :
“...,the Climate Change Committee believes, the true figure is probably well above 50 grams - breaching the CCC's recommended limit for new sources of power generation beyond 2030.”

2. Hydrogen is the worst gas to compress : Whether you use an adiabatic process (reciprocating compressors) or a polytropic process (centrifugal compressor), much of the energy used for the compressor ends up heating the hydrogen than compressing it. This is from basic thermodynamics (gamma). Also Hydrogen compressors are hard to make and operate because Hydrogen is nature’s Houdini and escapes from everywhere.

3. Hydrogen is the worst gas for gas turbines or boilers : Hydrogen burns at a high temperature (so you need excess air) and the combustion products are low molecular weight. Since gas turbines convert momentum to energy, hydrogen gives the least efficiency in a gas turbine. Combustion of hydrogen almost always produces NOx since it burns at such high temperatures - so that in itself is a problem.