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Shit, "Otherkin" aren't nearly the weirdest we have to deal with. I've met people who identify as "souls," thinking they're some sort of immortal being that temporarily occupies a fleshly body, and that after the body dies, they live on. That's way stranger than thinking you're a slightly different kind of animal.

So how do I deal with them?

Privately I think whatever I want about them. In public, I deal with them like I'd deal with anyone else. It's vanishingly rare for me to have to make a decision based on whether someone sees themself as a "soul" or as a normal human being, and when I do, I do my best to show them respect.

It's worked out in 100% of cases. And if I can deal with these people (locally, the bulk of them call members of their community "Christians"), surely you can handle "otherkin."
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