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2000 was a crazy year. I started it unemployed, having spent the last year and a half back at my parents', "helping" to care for Dad (read: primary careworker) and working short-term contracts, mostly as a lab tech. He died in February; on July 3rd I started working at a local factory. Two new positions had been created as lab tech, 4th shift: our initial contracts were 6 months and if we worked out ok we'd be made permanent. At the end of November we were told we weren't being renewed; on December 27th the factory manager walked into the lab as I was working and told me I was, in fact, being renewed: confused because the reports that "the new lab girl" contradicted themselves, she'd investigated and found out that the bad stuff was all about "the short one", the good stuff all about "the tall one".

A year later I was already working in the project that implemented SAP in that factory, which eventually led to my current job as a self-employed SAP consultant

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