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Originally Posted by Northern Piper View Post
Here's an interesting fact: monarchical countries consistently rank high in a number of indices that are used to provide comparisons between standards of living in different countries.

List of countries by GDP (nominal) per capita: five out of the top ten.

Global Competitiveness Report: five out of the top ten.

Corruption Perceptions Index: seven out of the top ten. (i.e. least corrupt perception, in case there was any ambiguity there )

Human Development Index: four of the top ten.

Democracy Index: six of the top ten.

Considering that there are 193 sovereign states (going by membership in the UN), and only approximately 45 monarchies (roughly 23%), that suggests that monarchical countries are over-performing to be in the top ten of all these indices.
Wait, of the top ten, Norway, Qatar and Denmark are the only Monarchies. And In Scandinavia, the Monarchs are pure figureheads. Qatar is indeed a monarchy, but it's has many issues, it is wealthy only due to the fortunate accident of having lots of oil. Luxembourg does have a Grand Duchess, again, nothing but a left over figurehead. I guess you could count Australia.

But yeah, the Western Euro nations mostly still have a figurehead Monarch, of whom QE2 actually has the most power- which she cant use, and is only theoretical. Harald V of Norway is in a similar position.

Mostly Middle eastern and two euro micro-states.